Captain Jack’s unsullied libations include espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, coffees, hot chocolate, tea, and lemonade.  Fresh baked goods are also served daily.  You'll find us in the log cabin just a block north of the Jacks Fork River Bridge, on Scenic Highway 19 in Eminence, Missouri.

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Legend has it that while migrating west from Ohio with his tribe, a young Shawnee stowed away aboard the New Orleans, the first paddle wheeler ever to brave passage down the Ohio and Mississippi river ways.  As the story goes, the boy tenaciously climbed aboard the colossal steamboat just as the first of eighty-nine earthquake tremors rocked the region back in 1811.  Then shortly after the ship got underway, the massive vessel was stopped dead in her tracks as an enormous river tsunami turned the Mississippi backwards against itself, and fire broke out on the main deck.  The Pilot, Andrew Jack, was pinned under burning debris.  Had it not been for valiant efforts of Little Brave with Big Vision, the captain would have surely met Davy Jones face to face at the doorway to his locker.  To show his appreciation, the captain took him on as a member of his crew, gave him an old captains cap to wear, and his English name—Jack.
Eventually, the young Indian boy grew up and became a prominent steamboat captain himself.  By then, his tribe had claimed some land next to one of the creeks here in Shannon County.  On one visit home to see his family, he met and fell in love with a beautiful young woman named Eugenia.  Their courtship was short.  They married and Captain Jack built her a cabin near her family and his.  But one day Eugenia set her foot down and gave Captain Jack an ultimatum—either he give up the paddle wheelers, stay home, and take care of his beloved and their son or she would change him from a rooster into a hen and set his hair on fire.  Well, Captain Jack appropriately made the decision that very day to give up his life on the river.  He built a trading post next to their home, and he and Eugenia ran the business together.  They sold dry goods, fresh fruit from his tribe’s orchard, and unsullied libations.  It was touted, far and wide, that theirs was the best coffee in the state, a blend from exotic beans that Captain Jack had imported during his many excursions.  It quickly became a favored stopping off point for travelers and locals alike.
Back then, everyone loved the yarns that Captain Jack spun about that fateful day in 1811 when the Mother Nature caused the mighty Mississippi to run backwards and the surrounding countryside to shake like never before.  And that spirit is still alive and well in Eminence.  Our crew is carrying on the legacy left by Captain Jack with Jeanie Anderson at the helm of the new Jacks Fork River Coffee Company—welcoming and wooing visitors with superlative and salubrious brews that will please the palette of even the most discerning coffee gourmet.  So come, relax, enjoy a cup of fresh-roasted coffee, sit a spell and visit.  If you don’t like our story, then stimulate your own imagination and create one of your own—maybe our coffee will help.  We love camaraderie, conversation, and good stories!
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